Under-Eye Filler

The eyes have been called “the window to the soul,” and that’s because vast emotion they convey. Not only do they reveal what you’re feeling, but the area around your eyes is one of the first places where signs of age become most visible. Whether it’s wrinkles, dark circles, or volume loss, your eyes provide telltale proof of aging that can be challenging to cover up.

While some blemishes, such as dark circles beneath the eyes, can be lessened by a good night’s sleep or a regular skincare routine, others are hereditary and result in a hollow look beneath the eyes due to collagen loss. 

Under-eye filler is a modern, noninvasive way to treat moderate to severe volume loss under the eyes and restore the youthful glow to your eye area. As a result, you’ll enjoy clear, bright skin free from wrinkles and dark circles with a simple injection. 

What Is
Under-Eye Filler?

You may wonder what causes the area under the eyes to appear wrinkled or darker. The skin surrounding your eyes is extremely thin and delicate, and when stressed or tired, this area can appear wrinkled or darkened thanks to an accumulation of blood vessels or a deep crease called the tear trough. 

The good news is, whether your condition is due to genetics or a few too many evenings burning the midnight oil, It’s a Secret Med spa offers three types of under-eye treatments that can help: Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection, and HA Filler.

These injections are specially crafted using your platelets to stimulate collagen production, rebuild the skin around your eyes, and minimize unwanted shadows. The result is a long-lasting, energized look!


PRF under eye filler is one of the most natural aesthetic treatments because it harnesses your own body’s ability to heal by employing your own stem cells. It improves pigmentation and skin firmness while providing a subtle subdermal volume, leaving the area looking radiant and refreshed.

If you have deeper wrinkles or more advanced signs of aging, you may want to consider PRP. This regenerative injection therapy uses your blood platelets and active proteins to promote cell renewal. 

The injections are an instinctive way to get lasting results for under your eyes and look years younger, all while using your body’s own blood and healing system to boost collagen production and increase circulation.