Shape Matters!

Is Lip Filler Customizable?

You bet it is! Here at It’s A Secret, our goal is to enhance your natural beauty. Your lips don’t look like everyone else’s, so it simply wouldn’t make sense to take a “one size (or shape) fits all” approach to filler treatment. There are plenty of different techniques that your nurse injector can employ in order to give you the beautiful results you’re looking for.

What Are the Different Lip Shapes?

When it comes to different lip shapes, all are unique and beautiful in their own way. Your lips compliment the rest of your facial features, and like makeup, they can be accentuated to make them even more noticeable and attractive.

A few of the most common lip shapes include:

  • Full Lips: These are lips that are equally as full on the top as they are on the bottom.
  • Heavy Upper Lip: Like it sounds, this occurs when the upper lip has more volume than the bottom lip.
  • Heavy Lower Lip: This is the opposite of a heavy upper lip, meaning the bottom lip is naturally more accentuated.
  • Round Lips: Round lips occur when the shape of the mouth is narrow and compact, creating a round shape. These tend to be naturally more full.
  • Wide Lips: Unlike round lips, wide lips are caused by a mouth that is wider, elongating the lips from either side, giving them a more spread-out appearance.
  • Thin Lips: Thin lips are very common, and perhaps one of the most popular candidates for filler, because many people choose to accentuate them by adding volume.
  • Heart Shaped Lips: Similar to round lips, heart shaped lips tend to be on the rounder side. What differentiates them from round lips is the focal point of the bottom lip, which carries its fullness in the center, creating an overall shape similar to that of a heart.

Maybe you can easily call out your natural lip shape, or maybe you’re not totally sure. Either way, your It’s A Secret nurse injector has been trained to assess lips, and they will be able to understand your unique shape and how to best highlight them!

You can learn more about lip filler treatment by scheduling a complimentary consultation with any of our nurse injectors on our website, or you can call any of our med spa locations to book with one of our aesthetic sales associates.

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