Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

The Birth of the Liquid Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs (NSNJs), known in the medical world as “liquid rhinoplasties,” were first introduced by a New York City neurologist and a Viennese physician, using a liquid paraffin wax to lift a collapsed nasal dorsum or reshape the nose. While the material was effective in doing so, it was later discovered that liquid paraffin was biologically harmful and could no longer be inserted into human skin. Fortunately, this did not mark the end of the NSNJ!

What Products Are Used for NSNJs?

Today the most well-known and popular FDA-Approved fillers used for non-surgical nose jobs are those that are Hyaluronic-acid based, such as the ones that It’s A Secret offers: Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma. One of the primary reasons that these have grown in such popularity is because they are completely dissolvable, unlike other filler options.

How Do NSNJs Work?

Filler has made it possible for clients to alter the shape of their noses without the invasive nature of a traditional nose job, which typically involves a minimum downtime of at least 2 weeks. In contrast, a NSNJ allows the patient to immediately get back to their regular routine the same day with clearly communicated post care instructions. Furthermore, because the human nose is made of cartilage and not bone or muscle tissue, it will not decrease in size like the rest of the human facial features as a person ages, which can cause the face to look disproportionate. Filler is not permanent, which allows for the nose’s shape and size to be altered throughout the years, staying consistent with the overall shape and look of the face.

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