Microneedling Vs. Sublative: The Skin Resurfacing All-Stars

What is Skin Resurfacing, and How Does it Work?

Before we dive into the differences between Sublative and Microneedling treatments, let’s first focus on what skin resurfacing is. Although these two treatments are very different in nature, they serve to achieve the same goals for your skin: reduce visible signs of aging by diminishing the prevalence of fine lines and wrinkles, induce collagen production to tighten skin, decrease enlarged pores and repair damaged skin caused by scarring and blemishes.

When it comes to differentiating the two, the primary variance is that one uses a laser to resurface the skin, while the other administers microscopic puncture wounds into the skin.

Keep reading to learn more details about the differences between Sublative and Microneedling treatments.

Sublative Skin Resurfacing

Sublative Skin resurfacing is a great laser treatment for decreasing signs of age, scarring, and blemishes. This type of skin resurfacing also helps to support the growth of new skin cells so that your skin can remain tight and youthful. The process involves laser contact that administers controlled electrical energy to the skin’s cells, effectively removing dead skin from the surface, allowing new cells to repair and increase collagen. It is a gentle and non–invasive process that yields great results for the skin.

An important thing to remember about our Sublative treatment is that it is usually takes 4 – 5 treatments to achieve the most optimal results for your skin. Our trained Laser Technicians can provide you with more details about how many treatments your specific skin needs in order to reach your desired goals.


The resurfacing process is a bit more invasive when it comes to Microneedling, but not to worry! Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients never feel discomfort during treatments, and topical numbing agents are provided as needed.

In contrast to the lasers, Microneedling uses a device called the SkinPen which works to create tiny micro-wounds across the treatment area. This will ultimately leave tiny scabs that will begin to froth off in the few days following. As the skin heals, new cells are encouraged to grow where damaged ones were once before. As these new healthy cells form, they produce additional collagen, increasing skin firmness, elasticity, and removing blemishes or scarring.

Both treatments are highly effective and clinically safe. Sublative and Microneedling both allow you to return to your daily activities immediately after your treatment. Your It’s A Secret Licensed Provider will be sure to explain everything you need to know about the post care process.

To learn more about our skin resurfacing treatments and how you can experience that beautiful glow, call any of our med spa locations or book a complimentary consultation on our website.

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