What chemical peel is right for you?

What is a Chemical Peel, and Which One is Right for Me?

The term “chemical peel” can sound intimidating at first, but regularly removing dead skin cells and blemishes is crucial to healthy skin maintenance. There are plenty of chemical peel options on the market these days, but not all peels are created equally and picking the right one for your skin so that you can achieve the best possible results is the most important part of the process. At It’s A Secret Med Spa, we offer Skinbetter and SkinMedica peel options. Read on to learn more about different peel options and the goals they achieve.

Skinbetter’s AlphaRet Professional Peel 30

On the more robust end is Skinbetter’s AlphaRet Professional Peel 30. This professional peel is designed for patients with mild photodamaged skin, blemishes, and early signs of skin aging. It is appropriate for all skin types. In a clinical study conducted, 100% of patients said their skin texture was smoother looking and their pores were less visible after treatment. In that same study, 92% of patients reported that after only one peel, they saw an overall improvement in the appearance and condition of their skin’s texture, brightness, and tone.

SkinMedica’s Illuminize Peel

On the opposite end of the spectrum is SkinMedica’s Illuminize peel. Its gentle naturemakes it ideal for patients receiving a chemical peel treatment for the first time, those with mild skin imperfections, or simply anyone looking for brighter, more radiant skin. The best part about this peel is that clients will see no visible peeling, and there is no downtime involved.

Vitalize peel by SkinMedica

When it comes to popularity, the Vitalize peel by SkinMedica takes the lead for patients with mild-to-moderate skin imperfections resulting from aging, sun exposure, and uneven tone or texture. This peel also addresses common issues such as skin unevenness that can be caused by acne scarring or other pigmentary changes. With the Vitalize peel, patients may experience some mild flaking.

SkinMedica’s Rejuvenize Peel

For those who want the deepest peel, SkinMedica’s Rejuvenize is the perfect choice! This peel is appropriate for patients with moderate-to-severe skin imperfections that result from aging, sun exposure, and uneven skin tone or texture. It corrects skin unevenness that can be caused by acne scarring or pigmentary changes. Peeling can range from mild flaking to peeling in sheets.

If you are considering a peel, make sure to follow the pre-care instructions available on secretmedspa.com

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